Trial and error

Riff Huld (리프 훌트)  |   발매일: 20180810

가수명  |   Riff Huld (리프 훌트)
발매일  |  20180810
조회  |  89회
Tags  | #루미넌트엔터테인먼트, #음원유통#, 루미넌트, #음악, #Riff Huld (리프 훌트)
'Riff Huld' "Red Paper (Feat. Gibaek)"

1st, Trial and error.

Composed & Arranged by Riff Huld
Lyrics by Riff Huld, Gibaek
Mixed by Riff Huld
Mastered by Riff Huld

Thanks to Jihyeok Jung

01 Red Paper (Feat. Gibaek)
02 Red Paper (Inst.)