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01. Next Mission(Dope Remix) Feat.Odee,Chaboom

Composed & Arranged by NoAH1LuV
Lyrics by Odee,Chaboom
Bass by 구본암(KumaPark)
Scratch by DJ Noah

02. Never Better Feat.Jambino,Don Malik,Justhis,P-Type

Composed by NoAH1LuV, Jambino
Arranged by NoAH1LuV
Lyrics by Jambino, Don Malik, Justhis, P-Type

03. Jackpot Feat.G2,뱃사공,DJ Wreckx

Composed & Arranged by NoAH1LuV
Lyrics by G2,뱃사공
Scratch by DJ Wreckx
Chorus by Koonta

04. Don’t Know Why? Feat.BLNK,MC Meta

Composed & Arranged by NoAH1LuV
Lyrics by BLNK,MC Meta
Chorus by BLNK,MC Meta

05. Always Spit Flame Feat.Basick,Deepflow

Composed & Arranged by NoAH1LuV
Lyrics by Basick,Deepflow
Keyboard by 황득경(KumaPark)
Scratch by DJ Noah

06. Lonely Night Feat.Ikyo,Knave,Jambino

Composed by NoAH1LuV, Ikyo,Knave,Jambino
Lyrics by Ikyo,Knave,Jambino
Arranged by NoAH1LuV
Scratch by DJ Noah

07. Wake Up Feat.Sleepy,yovng trucker.Quinsha

Composed by NoAH1LuV, Sleepy,yovng trucker.Quinsha
Lyrics by Sleepy,yovng trucker.Quinsha,COUP D ‘ETAT
Arranged by NoAH1LuV

08. Arrogant Feat.Sama-D,Paloalto,Owen

Composed by NoAH1LuV,Paloalto
Lyrics by Sama-D,Paloalto,Owen
Saxophone by 한승민(KumaPark)
Arranged by NoAH1LuV

09. Limbo Feat.Koonta,Wutan

Composed by NoAH1LuV,Koonta,Wutan
Lyrics by Koonta,Wutan
Arranged by NoAH1LuV

10. S-Mode Feat.염따,Ja Mezz, Zene The Zilla

Composed by NoAH1LuV, 염따, Ja Mezz, Zene The Zilla
Lyrics by 염따,Ja Mezz, Zene The Zilla
Arranged by NoAH1LuV

11. 안해도 돼 Feat.화지,Jambino

Composed by NoAH1LuV,화지,Jambino
Lyrics by 화지,Jambino
Arranged by NoAH1LuV
Ewi by 한승민 [KumaPark]

12. 우린(Remix) Feat.Ab, Quinsha

Composed by NoAH1LuV, Ab, Quinsha
Lyrics by Ab, Quinsha
Arranged by NoAH1LuV

All Track Prod by NoAH1LuV
All Track Mix by Optical Eyez XL
All Track Master by 박정언(Honey Butter Studio)
Cover by Paranoid Paradigm
Artwork by XEVA

01 Next Mission (Dope Remix) (Feat. Odee, 차붐)
02 Never Better (Feat. Jambino, Don Malik, Justhis, P-Type)
03 Jackpot (Feat. G2, 뱃사공, DJ Wreckx)
04 Don't Know Why? (Feat. BLNK, Mc Meta)
05 Always Spit Flame (Feat. Basick, Deepflow)
06 Lonely Night (Feat. Ikyo, Knave, Jambino)
07 Wake Up (Feat. Sleepy, Yovng Trucker, Quinsha)
08 Arrogant (Feat. Sama-D, Paloalto, Owen)
09 Limbo (Feat. Koonta, Wutan)
10 S-Mode (Feat. Yumdda, Ja Mezz, Zene The Zilla)
11 안해도 돼 (Feat. Hwaji, Jambino)
12 우린 (We Are) Remix (Feat. Ab, Quinsha)

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