Crash And Run

Dive In Purple (다이브인퍼플)  |   발매일: 20190411

가수명  |   Dive In Purple (다이브인퍼플)
발매일  |  20190411
조회  |  144회
Tags  | #루미넌트엔터테인먼트, #음원유통#, 루미넌트, #음악, #Dive In Purple (다이브인퍼플)
'Dive In Purple (다이브인퍼플)' [Crash And Run]

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Artwork by RAUDI @rauditrack
1.Drink up (Feat.TYOSiN)
Mix,mastered by Dive In Purple
Highway Star (Feat. Bla$e Kid)
Prod by Tap.T
Mix,mastered by Dive In Purple, Bla$e Kid
Special Thax to Cloudy beats!

01 Drink Up (Feat. TYOSiN)
02 Highway Star (Feat. Bla$e Kid)