Don't know what to do
N'oa  |   발매일: 20190514

가수명  |   N'oa
발매일  |  20190514
조회  |  97회
Tags  | #루미넌트엔터테인먼트, #음원유통#, 루미넌트, #음악, #N'oa
I like you…But I don’t know what to do


Lyrics by N’oa, J.vibe
Composed by N’oa, J.vibe
Arranged by J.vibe
Produced by N’oa, J.vibe
Chorus by N’oa
Guitar by 정수철
Piano by J.vibe
Mixed by Jibby
Mastered by Jibby

01 Don't know what to do