뮤진 (MUZIN)  |   발매일: 20200325

가수명  |   뮤진 (MUZIN)
발매일  |  20200325
조회  |  13회
Tags  | #루미넌트엔터테인먼트, #음원유통#, 루미넌트, #음악, #뮤진 (MUZIN)
'뮤진 (MUZIN)' 나른한 오후, 휴식 [Afternoon]

나른한 봄, 편히 누워 하늘을 바라본다.
“Take a rest in the Afternoon. Listen and sleep.”

Lyrics by 뮤진 (MUZIN), Loook
Produced by yousay
Composed by yousay, 뮤진 (MUZIN), Loook
Arranged by yousay
Mixed & Mastered by Su
Recorded by 뮤진 (MUZIN) @muzinstudio
Artwork by 뮤진 (MUZIN), MOONDAL

01 Afternoon (Feat. Loook)
02 Afternoon (Inst.)